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A little whimsy!

Mitchell Parker a writer for Houzz did a feature on our little playhouse today.  Here’s the link:  Play House

It was such a great project that involved a lot of talented people and as such, a really fun and happy space was created.  I hope you enjoy the article.  If you want to see more pictures you can see them on my Houzz site or on my web site.  Have fun!

I am obsessed with teal.  And currently I am obsessed to distraction by the floor tile used by Belgin Decorator, Christophe Decarpentrie in his Taraoudant, Morocco home.  I saw this in this past Sunday’s New York Times T Magazine and have been dreaming of it since.  Not being dramatic.  I am honestly, perhaps disturbingly consumed by the simple, vivid  beauty of this place.  Please.  If there is a God.  Send me a client that will let me do this tile in their home.  Or, better yet, provide me with the opportunity to do this in my own home!  I am now a fan of Decarpentrie and re-born lover of color.

Practicality cleverly disguised as fun, whimsy is good design…if I do say so myself!  I was asked by my awesome client, Peggy, to help her take a beloved playhouse from sad to super cute for their grand kids.  I had the paint colors picked out in my head before she ended her sentence.

I love disguising function with whimsy and this playhouse was the ultimate test.  We needed to provide a place for all four grand kids to hang out.  We also needed to keep in mind that they won’t always be little kids and frankly, once the “playhouse” thing goes away, we wanted a great place to sit and drink wine for the grown-ups.

I drafted up a plan that allowed for taller doors so you no longer had to duck to enter.  This was met with some opposition.  Peggy and I stood shoulder to shoulder with arms crossed insisting that it is the right, and darn cute thing to do.  Heads shook, “whatever’s” were muttered but we knew it was right…and it was.  I found the doors in the Salvage Yard at Rejuvenation.  They were originally side lights and were painstakingly re-purposed by Doug, of BC Custom Homes, into French doors.

We, I mean Doug, added a cute new front porch (for the aforementioned wine sipping area) and continued the same decking into the playhouse.  New windows were added and a huge new one was added for more light and ventilation.  Lori from One Horse Studios white washed the tounge and goove pine for us.  More head shaking and whatevers, but again, it was the right thing to do.

Once the interior and exterior upgrades were made we were on to the decorating!  Peggy showed me an 8’ round area rug she bought from Sofa, Table Chair and that launched the color palette for me.  I found head and foot boards from Justin & Burks with the perfect patina, bedding and pillows from Filling Spaces which play perfectly with the colors of the rug.  Custom mattresses, covers, bed skirts and window treatments were all created by Alex of the Workroom who also has a line of custom pillows called Alberta Street Owls (that are selling like crazy!) and she very generously gave four of them to my client’s grand kids.  All of these pillows along with ones found at CB2 make for a snuggly place to hang out or for great items to throw at your brother or sisters head.

The green dresser is from Stars Antiques in Sellwood and above it is a papier-mâché elephant head from Anthropologie.  It wouldn’t be a playhouse without an elephant head.

There are little electrical odds and ends that need to be finished up and once that’s done, final photo’s and a video will be done to show you all the great details and show the kids enjoying this great little space.

Thanks to all who made this such a fun project, especially, Peggy.  You are such a blast to work with!

Living beautifully is in the details.  From hanging laundry to wiping off your hands to sitting out on the back patio.  It doesn’t take much in fact it’s best when simple.  I love Pigeon Toe a local boutique who is making it big by keeping it simple.  I have seen their outdoor lights featured in House Beautiful.  This year they will be featured in my house which I think is beautiful. :-)

To continue day two on Orcas Island here are more pictures, but not all the pictures, from our visit to Morning Star Farm.  There are definitely more!  Christian showed us through the green houses and I wanted to share with you the splendor.  His enthusiasm about the process was catchy.  It made me want to get my hands dirty!  I wish I could show you how it feels here.  But, feeling and seeing it for yourself is irreplaceable. 

For those of you who are wondering what heaven is like and where it is I found it for you.  You don’t even have to be good and all that bother you just take a ferry from Anacortes, Washington over to the San Juan Islands and you’re there.  I took over 500 pictures.  It’s that gorgeous!  I will post, over the next week, how our trip progressed and wonderful people that we met.  The pictures here are from Anacortes to Orcas Island. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Just doing some vacation dreaming on this rainy Sunday.  I hope these pictures I took inspire you to get out and see and appreciate the beauty that’s all around us, no matter where you are.

I’ve always wondered how people can hate the color green.  After all this rain we get to see every brilliant shade brought out by the very elusive sun.  Get outside Portland!

I’ve always wondered how people can hate the color green. After all this rain we get to see every brilliant shade brought out by the very elusive sun. Get outside Portland!