Lord Interior Design

I am obsessed with teal.  And currently I am obsessed to distraction by the floor tile used by Belgin Decorator, Christophe Decarpentrie in his Taraoudant, Morocco home.  I saw this in this past Sunday’s New York Times T Magazine and have been dreaming of it since.  Not being dramatic.  I am honestly, perhaps disturbingly consumed by the simple, vivid  beauty of this place.  Please.  If there is a God.  Send me a client that will let me do this tile in their home.  Or, better yet, provide me with the opportunity to do this in my own home!  I am now a fan of Decarpentrie and re-born lover of color.


Seriously, stay tuned for the newest bagel shop in town coming in mid June.  Check out the story in Portland Monthly to learn a little more and to learn how you can get these bagels for (1 buck!) even before the shop is open.  I am lucky enough to have the owners of this new shop as friends and clients.  Last year they opened KitchenCru and CorksCru which you can see more of on my blog. And this year it’s Bowery Bagels and MarketCru.  I love my job!  I get to work with the greatest clients and eat some damn good bagels! 

My first real commercial endeavour! Michael and Lynn Madigan are long time friends and clients of mine. They have provided me with so many opportunities to participate in fabulous projects from remodeling their home, design of their new home and most recently…although they have been open since February…their new business, KitchenCru and CorksCru.

Here are the befores and afters of this very unique space a first in Portland. Check out their website to learn more as it is a multi faceted kitchen and event space and not to mention one helluva wine shop! Whenever I walk in this space the energy is contagious.  Everyone genuinely seems to love what they are doing and who they are sharing the space with.

It just goes to show that when you do what you love good things happen and good people want to be around you. Michael and Lynn are inspiring people and I am genuinely honored to be a part of their lives.

Take a look at this!  This teen’s room is being transformed this week into a space where a fashion fascinated, fitness passionate and friend loving 14 year old will hang out.  I am exhausted already getting this ready in one week, but stay tuned for the progress shots!  I designed two other “teen spaces” for this family previously one is this gals little sisters room the other is the entertainment space I designed in the basement.  Both projects were published in the Oregonian’s Homes and Garden section in an article written by Bridget Otto.

To continue day two on Orcas Island here are more pictures, but not all the pictures, from our visit to Morning Star Farm.  There are definitely more!  Christian showed us through the green houses and I wanted to share with you the splendor.  His enthusiasm about the process was catchy.  It made me want to get my hands dirty!  I wish I could show you how it feels here.  But, feeling and seeing it for yourself is irreplaceable.